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Triple H Returns To The Ring On WWE Raw And FIGHTS Randy Orton

Triple H fought Randy Orton in the culmination of a show-long angle during last night’s Raw.

As detailed elsewhere, ‘The Game’ was challenged by Orton after striking his former protege during the night’s opening segment. Hunter accepted after much deliberation, though the commentators were quick to put it over as a “fight,” not a match. Either way, it was the first time the 51-year-old had fought on WWE programming since losing to Orton at Super ShowDown in June 2019.

The fight went down in the main event slot. It was brief, with Triple H scrapping street clothes, and saw the duo brawl around ringside before Hunter countered Orton’s attempt at suplexing him onto the announce table, giving Randy that treatment instead.

We then got the most important moment of this pseudo match, as Triple H pulled his sledgehammer from beneath the ring. Things got spooky as the arena lights started cutting out, the sledgehammer burst into flames, and Hunter vanished, clearing the stage for Alexa Bliss’ return.

It’s possible that this could be building towards something bigger, as Triple H’s presence on the show was only confirmed after news of Drew McIntyre’s positive COVID-19 diagnosis broke. Orton was originally set to wrestle the WWE Champion in a non-title match.

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