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Saved By The Bell Dustin Diamond Has Been Hospitalized

Dustin Diamond, best known for his fan-favorite role as Screech in the original run of Saved by the Bell, is in hospital. The 44-year-old actor was hospitalized in Florida over the weekend, and reports suggest that he could be facing significant health issues. Here’s what’s happening.

The medical team for Dustin Diamond is reportedly concerned that he is suffering from cancer and are conducting a biopsy, according to TMZ, which also cites Diamond’s team stating that he was hospitalized after feeling pain “all over his body” as well as a “general sense of unease” in Florida. Diamond’s mother is said to have died of breast cancer, but no answers are available at the time of writing regarding what kind of cancer Diamond himself is being tested for.

According to a representative for Dustin Diamond in a statement to Us Weekly, the medical staff at the Florida hospital is “currently running tests” and that they are “hoping to get answers soon.” Although Diamond’s Screech was not included in the recent Saved by the Bell revival for Peacock, he was key to the original run of the series, particularly as the comic relief.

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