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Police Officer Mistaken For Stripper At Swingers Party

A police officer was mistaken for a stripper when an illegal swingers party was shut down in Argentina. The event saw 20 couples have dinner at a farm, with intelligence suggesting the party was due to happen afterwards.

According to local media, police knocked on the door of the property at 10pm, which is about 400km south of Buenos Aires. But when the officer arrived, they were surprised to be greeted and invited in.

When they were inside, one of the women who was taking part in the party ran into one of the officers, but, thinking he was there as entertainment, she reportedly whispered: “Look at your eyes. You warm me.”

The operation was led by General Pueyrredón’s Undersecretary of Security, Gustavo Jara, who said that the people involved were ‘respectful, did not resist, and even joked about what happened’.

He added: “People didn’t know what was going on. One of them, realising we weren’t strippers, told us, ‘Uh, we were excited.’ It was comical and absurd at the same time.”

It’s not the first time the same mistake has been made.

Back in 2016, a police community support officer was mistaken for a stripper after he walked in on a 50th birthday party. PCSO Mike Ober was patrolling the neighbourhood in a Wiltshire town when he spotted a social club had an open door.

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