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Alexa Bliss Blinds Randy Orton With A Fireball On WWE Raw

Two weeks removed from seemingly being burnt to a crisp after WWE alluded to Randy Orton dropping a lit match on her gasoline-doused body, Alexa Bliss returned to Raw to enact fiery vengeance on ‘The Viper’, blinding him with a fireball to close last night’s show.

This came after Orton’s fight with Triple H had reached a premature conclusion. Hunter was fetching his trademark sledgehammer when the lights started cutting out and the weapon burst into flames. ‘Fiend’ noises played, as did the Firefly Fun House song, and when the lights returned, there was Bliss.

With “pain” etched across her hand, Alexa launched her fireball at ‘The Legend Killer’, hitting him right in the eyes. Randy flailed around the ring as Raw came to a close. “Randy Orton might be blind!”, proclaimed the commentators towards the end.

The angle continued WWE’s recent obsession with fire in this feud. As well as the aforementioned Bliss incident of two weeks ago, Orton set ‘The Fiend’ ablaze at TLC 2020, writing Bray Wyatt’s popular murder clown character off television for an undisclosed period of time.

Expect another fire-based stipulation match to be announced soon.

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